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The state of Alaska, along with many individual municipalities, requires a surety bond to be filed for many professional industries. Surety bonds are a protective measure for the public in the event that the bondholder violates the terms of their bond and causes any financial damages. South Coast Surety writes all Alaska surety bonds, so if you do not see your bond listed below, please contact us and we will work to issue your bond immediately.

Some commonly-filed surety bonds in Alaska are:

  • AK General Contractor Surety Bond
  • AK Collection Agency bond
  • AK Lost Instrument Bond
  • AK Notary Public Bond
  • AK Contractor License Bond

Alaska surety bond applications are listed below, fill out a secure online app or download the pdf and send the completed app to Questions? Call 800-361-1720 for expert surety help! If you do not see your surety bond listed, please contact a South Coast Surety agent immediately and we will begin your application process today.

Alaska is the US’s northernmost state, and although it is the largest state by area, ranks 48th in population, with under 800,000 inhabitants. Alaska is the 49th state, and was admitted into the United States on January 3, 1959, after being a US territory since it’s purchase from Russia in 1867. Alaska’s capital city is Juneau, and the most populous city is Anchorage, with a population of 300,000. The oil and gas industries are dominant in the state, accounting for more than 80% of the state’s income. The additional 20% is made up of a variety of industries, but commercial fisheries take up most of the remainder.

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