Missouri Motor Vehicle Dealer License Bonds

The State of Missouri recently added new bonding requirements. All dealers that provide a physical title upon the sale of a vehicle are required to post a $25,000 surety bond. All dealers who do not provide a physical title upon sale of a vehicle OR who issue 90-day temporary permits are now required to provide the Department of Revenue with a completed Form 5620 and post a $100,000 surety bond.

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Why isn’t my quote instant?

While some surety agents have access to an instant quoting engine, it is typically with only one surety company- a surety that most likely does not specialize in your bond or your unique credit profile. At South Coast Surety we are appointed with over 30 different carriers which allows us the flexibility to place you with the best carrier for your needs. Instead of wasting your hard earned money, we take the time to research your bonding needs and match you with a carrier that will provide you the least expensive premium for your credit profile and bond type. We typically get a quote with a few different carriers to ensure we are providing you with the best quote possible.


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The bond is a contract between the surety company, the licensee, and the State of Missouri to ensure the dealership is in compliance with the Missouri's licensing laws.
This surety bond is required for all licensed Motor Vehicle Dealers in the State of Missouri.
The bond premium is based on credit and years of industry experience. With good credit, the premium can be as low as $150.
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