California Pest Control Company Registration Bond

Other names for this surety bond: Pest Control Bond, Pest Control Indemnity Bond, Company Registration Bond

Effective 1/1/2014 the new minimums for registered companies will be $500,000 for insurance and $12,500 for bonds. A certificate of deposit, in lieu of the insurance and/or bonds, will no longer satisfy the insurance and/or bonding requirement.  The bond states operators must:

(1) Fully comply with all of the provisions of Division 3, Chapter 14 of the Business and Professions Code of the State of California; and

(2) Reimburse any person damaged by the fraud or dishonesty of said Principal in the performance of any contract between the Principal as a licensee


This bond protects any person from damages caused by dishonesty, fraud, or code violation committed by a pest control company registered with the State of CA.
Every Pest Control company registered with the state of CA per the regulations of the Business and Professions Code is required to maintain this bond.
1 Year Bond = $125
2 Year Bond = $218.75
3 Year Bond = $312.50
Complete the below application and submit.

You can also download and complete the PDF application and email to or fax to 949.361.9926.

If you are ready to pay the $100 for this bond, please also download and complete one of our payment forms and email to