California Notary Bond

CA Notary Bonds

What is California Notary Bond?

Public notaries in the State of California are required to post a surety bond before they can legally conduct notarial acts in the state. The bonds help to protect the public from potentially damaging mistakes made by notaries when performing notarial duties.

If the notary fails to act in compliance with the terms of their notary commission, damaged parties can file a claim for financial losses up to the total amount for the bond. The principal must ultimately pay the surety company for all damages paid out.

Obtaining your notary bond is the final step to becoming an official notary in California. Upon receiving your notary commission, you have 30 days from the date of your Commission Certificate date to get your bond and take an oath of office at your county clerk’s office.

California notary bond terms

California notary bonds are issued for four-year terms, matching the length and start date of your notary commission. The bonds remain fully active for the duration of the term unless the surety chooses to cancel the bond.

How much do California notary bonds cost?

California notary bonds have a $15,000 required bond amount. Unlike many other types of surety bonds, notary bonds do not require a credit check or an extensive underwriting process which allows them to be issued instantly.

This also means that you can easily get a California notary bond even if you have bad credit or a poor financial standing.

At South Coast Surety, you can get your notary bond with four-year coverage for $100 (inclusive of processing fees).

How to become a California notary public

To become a notary public in California, there are several requirements that you must meet. To start, you must be 18 years of age or older and a legal California resident. If you meet these basic qualifications, you will then need to complete the following steps:

  • Complete an educational course approved by the Secretary of State
  • Pass a knowledge examination
  • Complete a criminal background check 
  • Submit fingerprints via Live Scan
  • Fill out the notary commission packet
  • Buy your notary supplies
  • File the Notary Public Oath
  • Post the notary surety bond
  • Get errors and omissions insurance (optional)

Get your bond instantly

South Coast Surety offers a quick and simple process for getting your California notary bond. After you receive your notary commission, please send a copy via email to OR fax to 949-361-9926.

Once we receive your payment and a copy of your commission, we can proceed with issuing your bond.


All appointed California notaries are required to file this bond. The $15,000 surety bond protects the public from any damages incurred from notaries violating licensing laws.
California notaries operating in the State of CA are required to obtain and file this bond.
This bond costs $100 for four year coverage.
Fill out the application below or download the pdf application and complete, save and send the pdf to Please also email or fax a Copy of Your Commission to: 949-361-9926
Once you complete the application below and fax/email your commission, the notary surety bond will usually be processed within 48 hours. Payment must be received prior to issuance of the bond.