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South Coast Surety writes all surety bonds for Connecticut. There are many different industries and jobs that require surety bonds in Connecticut. A surety bond is a three-way agreement between an Obligee, a Principal, and the surety company backing the bond. Some common surety bonds in Connecticut are as follows:

  • Janitorial Service Bond, Signed
  • L & P Bond, Signed
  • Lost Instrument Bond, Signed
  • Name Schedule Fidelity Bond
  • Notary Public E&O Group Policy, Signed
  • Official Bond and Oath (All State), Signed
  • Power of Attorney (Irrevocable/R-Series)
  • Public Official Position Schedule Bond
  • Rocky Hill Private Contractors Operating on Public Right of Way
  • CT Certificate of Title Bond
  • CT Consumer Collection Agency
  • CT Defendant’s Stay of Attachment Bond, Signed
  • CT Dissolution of Mechanic’s Lien, Signed
  • CT Employment Agency Bond
  • CT MVD Bond
  • CT Notary Public E&O Policy
  • CT Plaintiff’s Replevin, Signed
  • CT Probate Bond, Signed
  • CT Tax Preparers’ Professional Liability Policy

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Connecticut, known as the Constitution State, was the 5th state admitted to the Union, on January 9th, 1788. It was one of the original 13 colonies, and is currently the 29th most populous state in the country, and the 48th in terms of size. The state capital is Hartford, but the largest city is Bridgeport. A significant amount of the state’s revenue comes from the insurance and finance industries, and is home to many of the major companies in both sectors. In addition to finance and insurance, Connecticut is additionally home to manufacturing plants for many companies.

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