Arizona Surety Bonds

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There are a variety of Arizona surety bonds, but generally fall under the designations of court bonds, license bonds, or contract bonds. Arizona court bonds are required for a variety of purposes, and if they are necessary will be indicated by a court official. Arizona license bonds are often required by the licensing authority of an industry as an additional security measure to protect the authority and the customer-base from any potential fraud or malpractice on behalf of the licensed individual. An Arizona contract bond is required for most, if not all, public works contracts. These bonds protect the general public from any financial damages that may arise as a result of the contractor violating the terms of their contract, negligence, fraud, or any other situations that may result in a financial obligations.

Some common Arizona surety bonds are as follows:

  • Appraisement Management Bond
  • Boxing Performance Bond
  • Collection Agency Bond
  • Contractor License Bond
  • Contractor Taxes Bond
  • Contractors Tax 42-5006 Bond
  • Cosmetology School Bond
  • Electronic Records Bond
  • Financial Guarantee Bond
  • IFTA Bond
  • Insurance Broker Bond
  • License Bond
  • Mobile Home Dealer Bond
  • Money Transmitter Bond
  • Mortgage Lender Bond
  • Motor Fuel Supplier Bond
  • Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond
  • Notary Public Bond
  • Private Investigators Bond
  • Professional Fundraisers Bond
  • Real Estate Agents/Brokers Bond
  • Salt River Utility Deposit Bond
  • Schools Bond
  • Service Company Bond
  • Telecommunications License Bond
  • Telemarketing Solicitor Bond
  • Title Service Bond
  • Utility Deposit Bond
  • Vehicle Dealer Bond

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Home to the Grand Canyon and a number of other National Parks, Arizona is the 6th largest state by area, and the 14th most populated with over 7 million residents. It was the 48th state, with Arizona’s Admission to the Union coming in 1912. The state has a variety of climates, from the hot, desertlike south, to the high peaks and ski resorts of Northern Arizona. Nearly ¼ of Arizona is comprised of Native American reservations.

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