Express Contract Surety Bonds

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Surety Bond Services

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Quick & Easy Contract Applications up to
$1,000,000* Single / 
$1,500,000* Aggregate


Get bonded quickly at the best rates available. Here’s how…

All you need to do:

Simply download the
Express Form, complete,
and submit it with the bond (bid or final) requirements

It’s Just That Easy

This Special Program for Small & Medium Contractors

                 All Bonds Approved In-House

Basic Underwriting Requirements are:

  • Good Personal Credit
  • 3 Year Experience in this field
  • Projects that can be completed in 36 months or less
  • No excessive warranty periods or  excessive Liquidated Damages
  • Project size within the size & scope of the normal projects the
    contractor has completed or supervised

For Single jobs up to $400,000*

  • Complete and sign the Contract Express Bond Application in detail
  • Send  the Application with
  • Copy of the Contract or Bid Request Title Page
  • Bid bond or Performance bond and Payment bond forms

For Single jobs up to $1,000,000*

  • All the Above plus:
  • Current Personal Financial Statement
  • 2-3 yrs Business Financial Statement/Tax Returns

For Single Bonds over $350,000 and Aggregate Programs over $700,000 financials required*

South Coast Surety

State Bond Services

For Aggregate Bond Programs up to $800,000*

  • All the Above plus:
  • Current Personal Financial Statement
  • Current Business Financial Statement/Tax Returns

For Aggregate Bond Programs up to $1,500,000*

  • All the Above plus:
  • 2-3 yrs Business Financials

For Express Contract Bond Application Form

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