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SOUTH COAST SURETY has been Providing Contractors Responsive and
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We represent most surety companies writing Service Contract Bonds throughout the country.  For the Service/Vendor experienced in using Service contract bond support, South Coast Surety can review your current support levels and rates. For the Service/Vendor just looking for Service bond support, South Coast Surety will provide you the tools and information needed to attain a surety bond line of credit.

Programs Available for All Size Service/Vendor Accounts

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A commercial contract bond like a service bond guarantees your business will perform your contractual duties. The bond also protects your client from financial damages that arise as a result of your business failing to fulfill your contract.
Service contract bonds are typically needed by contractors who provide a service for a business or government entity. This includes maintenance, landscaping, guard services, and building management. One of our largest service contract clients provides many of these services for a major sports stadium, so have confidence that we can help you whether your contract size is the size of Ohio State's football stadium or a small management contract. We will help you grow your business and contract bids over time, contact our experienced surety team for more information.
Service contract bonds pricing (bond rates) depend on a combination of project cost and your personal and business financial health and years of experience. We offer great rates by shopping around to different surety companies for the best price for you. Even if you have credit issues, we can often get you bonded.
To apply for your payment & performance bonds, complete and submit the application below. Below is a list of documents we will need from you, but feel free to call our contract bonding experts first to discuss your project and we can help you through the bonding process. Call 800-361-1720 to learn more about how to increase your bonding limit and get the best performance bond rates!

You must complete the following documents to get a free bond quote:
- Completed "Contractor Questionnaire"
- Completed "Work in Progress" schedule
- Last three (3) CPA prepared, company year-end financial statements Personal financial statements of the business owner (s)
- Bank letter verifying balances and credit arrangements
- Copy of Contractors License
- Resumes on owners and key personnel
- Current Insurance Certificate
- Required Information for General Indemnity