FMCSA Freight Broker Bond

Other names for this surety bond include: BMC-84 Bond, Transportation Broker Bond, FMCSA Surety Bond, BMC-85 Bond, FMCSA Property Broker Bond, Motor Cargo Bond, ICC Freight Broker Bond, Trucking Bond, Freight Forwarder’s Bond, USDOT Broker of Property Bond

Whatever you call this surety bond, freight broker bonds are our specialty! We write this federal surety bond every day and have special relationships with the nation’s top surety companies to get you the best price available. Fill our our secure online application below and we’ll send you a free bond quote. This bond can cost your business as little as $938 per year!

To get the lowest rate available, in addition to filling out the application, please send your business and personal financial statements to If you have any questions, call our expert staff at 800-361-1720.

All FMCSA bonds are filed electronically.  This means the bond is filed using business information (business name, address, phone#) EXACTLY as it is listed on your license. You may search for your license or look up your Motor Carrier Number by searching the FMSCA website.

This bond assures that the licensed broker or freight forwarder will comply with 49 U.S.C. 13906(b) and with all Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rules and regulations. It ensures the broker or freight forwarder will pay motor carriers and shippers faithfully per any contracts or agreements.
This bond is required for any brokers of property, brokers of freight, or freight forwarders licensed by the FMCSA unless they have a $75,000 Trust Fund Agreement (Form BMC-85) filed with the FMCSA.
This bond can cost your business as little as $938 per year. You will pay a premium based on your business financial information, time in business, personal financial information, ownership of real estate and personal credit.
To get a free quote for the ICC Freight Broker bond, follow these steps:

1. Gather business and personal information, including your MC# issued by the FMCSA
2. Complete the online application. You may also request a can also request a PDF application via an email to
3. Email your business & personal financials to and include your business name in the subject line.