California Motor Vehicle Dealer License Bond

Other names for this surety bond: Vehicle Dealer Bond, Used Car Dealer Bond, Car Dealer License Bond, MVD Bond, Commercial Vehicle Dealer Bond, DMV Surety Bond

The CA DMV requires all California auto dealers to purchase a $10k or $50k motor dealer license bond. Dealers with excellent credit and industry experience can pay as little as:

  • $400 for a one year bond or $700 for two years for a $50,000 bond
  • $100 for a one year $10,000 bond

Which CA MVD Bond do I need?

  • $10,000 Dealer Bonds are a requirement for all California ATV dealers, motorcycle dealers, motorcycle lessor-retailers, and wholesale-only dealers that sell fewer than 25 vehicles per year
  • $50,000 Dealer Bonds are a requirement for all other commercial vehicle dealers
The bond is a contract between the surety company, the licensee, and the State of California to ensure the dealership is in compliance with the California Vehicle Code (CVC).
This surety bond is required for all licensed Motor Vehicle Dealers in the State of California.
The bond premium is based on credit and years of industry experience. With good credit, the premium on a $10k bond as $100 and can be as low as $400 on a $50k bond.
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