California Car Wash Bonds

California Car Wash Employers – Save Time & Money on your Car Wash Bond! This bond can cost your business as little as $975 per year.

We will get your car wash business the best bonding rates. Challenged credit? No problem!

California Car Wash Employers
$150,000 CAR WASH BOND

Rates start as low as $975. Complete our secure online application below and we’ll shop for the best rates available for you. We have bonding solutions for all credit levels. You might need to supply business and personal financial statements to secure the lowest rate of $975, but our team will help your car wash business through the bonding process.

This bond ensures that California car wash employees who are not paid in accordance with the law may be compensated if their employer is unable to or refuses to pay wages or benefits, including gratuities, owed to the employees.
This surety bond is required in California for all car washing and car polishing businesses with employees. If they have no employees, then a bond is not needed. Also, car washing or car polishing employers with a valid collective bargaining agreement do not need the bond.
This bond can cost your business as little as $975 per year.

You will pay a premium based on your business financial information, personal financial information and credit score.
To get a free bond quote for a Car Wash Bond, follow these three simple steps:

1. Gather your business and personal information
2. Complete our online application {LINK} below or download the PDF application {LINK}, and then send the completed application via email to or via fax to 949-361-9926. Make sure to include personal and business financials and cash verification (1st page bank statement for personal and business if new venture)
3. Quote will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours.