CA Immigration Consultant Bond

All Immigration Consultants in California are required to be bonded. Fill out the secure online application below and we will shop for the best possible rates for you.

An Immigration Consultant can provide non-legal services in matters related to immigration. Services that Immigration Consultants can provide include: translation of questions asked on Federal or State forms, translation of client answers, obtaining supporting documents, submitting completed forms to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and referring clients to appropriate legal counsel. Immigration Consultants must file all required paperwork with the Secretary of State, pass a background check and file the required $100,000 Immigration Consultant surety bond.

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The bond protects an individual or group of individuals from any loss caused by the immigration consultant. This bond ensures that the licensed immigration consultant follows the provisions of California Business and Professions Code Chapter 19.5 Section 22440 of Division 8.
This bond is required prior to any individual acting in the capacity of an immigration consultant or engaging in the business of immigration consulting.
The bond premium is based on credit, financials, and years of industry experience. With strong credentials, the premium can be as low as $1,250 for 2 years.
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