When it Comes to Contract Surety, Think Large and Small!

When it Comes to Contract Surety, Think Large and Small!

With contract surety, many agents and brokers focus on the large general contractors because they typically manage large projects and have large surety needs. However, the demand is just as great or greater with smaller or more specialized subcontractors who are essential to completing these large projects.  As an agent, you probably have many corporate clients in these fields needing surety.

Subcontractors operating in the following fields often need subcontractor surety bonds:

  • Low voltage and electrical service
  • Sheet metal, ornamental sheet metal, structural
  • Landscaping and tree service  
  • Painting- wallpaper hanging
  • HVAC, warm air ventilation & AC, refrigeration, boiler hot water
  • Plumbing

Plumbers, electricians, finishing contractors and installers are all key targets needed to complete a project. Additionally, anyone involved in grounds installation and maintenance, including landscapers and landscape architects. With heavy regulation in the building industry, you can be certain there are clients on your books with surety needs. Don’t let these clients seek out another agent for surety. Meet their needs by using your partnership with South Coast Surety.  You and your clients will benefit when you write with us!

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