South Dakota

Pension Trust / ERISA Bonds

Other names for this surety bond: Fiduciary Bond, Pension Trust Bond, Pension Plan Bond, 401k Bond, Profit Sharing Plan Surety Bond Get An ERISA Bond Designed To Protect Your Valuable Pension Programs What are Pension Trust/ ERISA Bonds? Many companies today offer pension plans and/or profit sharing programs as part of a benefit package for [...]

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FMCSA Freight Broker Bond

Other names for this surety bond include: BMC-84 Bond, Transportation Broker Bond, FMCSA Surety Bond, BMC-85 Bond, FMCSA Property Broker Bond, Motor Cargo Bond, ICC Freight Broker Bond, Trucking Bond, Freight Forwarder's Bond, USDOT Broker of Property Bond Whatever you call this surety bond, freight broker bonds are our specialty! We write this federal surety [...]

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Subdivision Bond / Municipality Developer Bond

 Subdivision bonds & municipality bonds is a group of surety bonds including site improvement bonds, land improvement bonds, plat bonds, completion bonds, or simply performance bonds.  The key difference between subdivision bonds from regular contract performance bonds is that the owner/developer (the principal) has to pay the cost of building the bonded improvements rather than [...]

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Finance Lender License Bond

Other names for this surety bond: financial lenders license bond, financial loan license bond The purpose of a financial lender license bond is to provide security for a broker/lender's license. South Coast Surety has a special in-house program for finance lenders license bonds with rates starting at 0.75%. Fill out the quick, secure application below [...]

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Bid Bond

With South Coast Surety, we offer a flat annual fee of $350 to fulfill all Bid Bonds for your business. Hopefully you are bidding on many contractor jobs per year, and winning lots of them. We are here to help you through each entire project, including Payment and Performance Bonds and other final bonds like [...]

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Payment and Performance Bonds

We Have Over 20 Years of Payment & Performance Bonding Experience Let our team find you the best rates and quickly approve your Payment & Performance Bonds, so you can get back to work! We work with all sizes of contractor and service businesses to help them grow and get awarded contracts. Give us a [...]

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Janitorial Services Bond

WHAT ARE Janitorial Services Bonds? Businesses that provide janitorial services to other business know how vulnerable their employees are to employee dishonesty. After all, their employees have access to customers' assets, equipment, supplies and personal belongings. These employees are easy targets for blame. Any customer who finds something missing is likely to suspect those who [...]

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Public Insurance Adjuster License Bond

We represent a number of surety companies that have the lowest surety filed rates in the country for public insurance adjuster license bonds for individuals and companies with strong credit and financial strength. South Coast Surety also has exclusive in house authority for quoting public adjuster license bonds bonds to individuals or companies lacking established [...]

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South Dakota Surety Bonds

The State of South Dakota has a lot of different surety bonding requirements. The goal of these South Dakota surety bond requirements is to keep SD’s consumers and tax payers safe. Below is a list of common surety bond types in South Dakota, however, as a bond-only agency we can write any bond type [...]

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Judicial Bond

There are several types of judicial surety bonds, including: indemnity to sheriff bonds, replevin & counter replevin bonds, appeal & supersedeas bond, release of lien bonds, attachment & release of attachment bonds, injunction bonds, third party claimant bonds, appeal bonds, and cost bonds. Courts require judicial bonds to protect themselves and the parties involved in [...]

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