Dentist Medical Device (DMEPOS) Bond

(Other names for this bond: DME dentist bond, dental surety bond, Medicare dentists bond, dental sleep medicare bond, DME supplier bond) Medicare established a new surety bonding requirement for all dental sleep medical professionals who are Medicare DME suppliers. $50,000 Dental Medicare DMEPOS bonds are required for all dentists that provide sleep aid medical devices [...]

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Iowa Beer Permit Bond

The State of Iowa's Alcohol Beverages Division requires all beer wholesalers and brew pubs to purchase an Iowa beer permit surety bond. There are two types of bond classes: Class "A" beer permit - beer wholesale only Special Class "A" beer permit - brew pub privilege only Fill out the application below to get a [...]

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Supply & Install Contract Bond

South Coast Surety specializes in Supply & Install Contract Bonds Now enjoy larger limits and lower rates with commercial contract express for our supply contract program  For Single Bonds to $1,000,000 and Aggregate Programs to $1,500,000 Supply Contractors can include: Office/School Supplies, Flooring/Counters, Fencing, Modular Buildings, Work Trailers, Landscape, Portable Restrooms, Cabinets, Painters, Computer/ Electronic [...]

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Contractor’s License Bond (ALL STATES)

Contractors License Bond Application Get the Best Rates in All 50 States Fill out this secure application and our team will quickly process your bond application and get you the best quote. Once you receive your free quote, all we need is your approval and we'll process your Contractors License Bond immediately. We do the [...]

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Utility Deposit Bond

Many Utility Companies require Utility bonds for a deposit on a new or expanding account. A Utility Bond is provided by the surety company for a business account in lieu of your posting cash directly with the utility company. Subject to your financial strength and credit the surety is able to provide the utility guarantee with [...]

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Environmental Contract Bond

South Coast Surety has been providing Contractors with Contract Bond Support for over 2 decades. We represent most Surety Companies writing Performance Bonds and Payment Bonds for asbestos removal bonds, soil remediation bond and most hazardous material bonds. We can assist with either a small one time surety bond or Establish a surety program to best support [...]

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Service Contract Bonds

Need A Service Contract Bond? Request a Quote Today! SOUTH COAST SURETY has been Providing Contractors Responsive and Responsible Contract Bond Support for 2 decades We represent most surety companies writing Service Contract Bonds throughout the country.  For the Service/Vendor experienced in using Service contract bond support, South Coast Surety can review your current support [...]

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Subcontractor Bond

WHAT IS A SUBCONTRACTOR SURETY BOND? Learn in under 1 minute what Subcontractor Surety Bonds are and why they can be necessary for your construction business. Work with the nation's subcontractor bonding experts. Contact our team to get the best surety support and lowest rates. See why American subcontractors choose to work with South Coast Surety! [...]

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Medicare (DMEPOS) Supplier Bond

Other names for this bond: Medicare Provider License Bond, DMEPOS Surety Bond, Medicare Provider Bond, Medicaid DMEPOS Bond Medicare Provider Surety Bonds Rates Starting at $250/Yr!  Suppliers of certain durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and supplies (DMEPOS) must post a surety bond as a condition of new or continued Medicare enrollment with billing privileges. Fill [...]

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Dishonesty & Fidelity Bonds

Other names for this bond: employee dishonesty bond, fidelity bond, dishonesty bond WHAT ARE DISHONESTY (Fidelity) BONDS? The dishonesty bond is employee fidelity coverage to protect the employer against a dishonest act by an employee. For the employer, the dishonesty/fidelity bond provides protection for a very reasonable premium. For the agency, the bond can be [...]

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