Lost Title and Lost Instrument Bonds

Lost Title and Lost Instrument Bonds

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When clients need a lost title bond, call South Coast Surety

lost title bonds

People lose things all the time, even important documents. When you have a client with a lost title, be prepared to help by providing a title bond from South Coast Surety.

Potential customers are individuals or business clients involved in the buying or selling of a vehicle where the title is lost or stolen. The bond is designed for anything requiring a title, from automobiles to mobile homes, trucks, trailers, buses, motorcycles or recreational vehicles, to even their house.  The specific requirements of each state may vary, but the rules are the same, if you’re missing a title, then you most likely need a bond.

For a lost automobile title document, make sure the vehicle qualifies for a bonded title:

Before you apply for a bond, make sure the seller’s vehicle meets certain requirements.  The vehicle must not be abandoned, stolen or currently involved in any lawsuits. The person making application must have physical ownership of the property in question. It must be a complete auto including an engine, frame and body.  It doesn’t have to be operational, but it must be complete.

Title bonds are a quick and easy way to increase premium income, and one of our most frequently written bonds. Go to our website today and apply for a Title Bond. You will get an instant quote and can buy your bond in minutes.

We Also Write Lost Instrument Bonds For Clients Missing Important Documents

Vehicle titles are not the only documents people lose.  Sometimes financial documents and other important documents can be misplaced.  Even safe deposit boxes don’t always contain what we think they do. A lost negotiable instrument or lost securities bond is needed for documents such as a certificate of deposit, certified or cashier’s check, warehouse receipt, stock certificate, municipal or corporate bonds.

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