License & Permit Bonds: Renewal Dates on the Horizon

License & Permit Bonds: Renewal Dates on the Horizon

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Brokers and agents can stay ahead of the competition by know what bonds are likely to renew in the near future.  Refer to the list below to know what bond renewals are on the horizon. Call our team of surety experts with any questions 800-361-1720. Contact and upsell your clients in specific industries on these recurring annual surety bond products.

April 30

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

Illinois- Village of Dolton
License and Indemnity Bond

Mortgage Broker Bond

May 1

Employment Agency Bond

New York- City of New York
Employment Agency Bond

May 31

Illinois- Dekalb Co.
Contractor All Trades Bond
Electrical Contractor License Bond

Illinois- Rock River
Sewer Service & Cut In Work Bond
Water Reclamation Sewer Bond

Fuel Dealer Bond

New York- Tarrytown
Plumber Bond

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

Texas Dept. of Agriculture
Public Warehouseman Bond

June 1

Talent Agent Bond

June 30

Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources
Environmental Drillers or Contractors Bond

Georgia Dept. of Revenue
Cigar & Cigarette Distributor License Performance Bond
Tobacco Distributor’s Tax Stamp Bond

Georgia Director of Environmental Protection
Water Well Contractors and Drillers Bond

Professional Fundraiser Bond

Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources
Surface Mined Land Reclamation Bond

Illinois- Village of Plainfield
Retail Dealer in Alcohol/Liquor Bond

Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue
Excise Tax – Aircraft Jet Fuel Bond

Fundraising Bond
Mortgage Broker Bond 

Mortgage Broker Bond

Alcohol Tax Bond

New Jersey
Fundraising Bond
Master Plumber Bond

New Jersey Dept. of the Treasury
Beverage Tax Bond

New York- Buffalo
Sign Erecting Bond

New York-Pound Ridge
Contractor License Bond

North Carolina
Collection Bond

Auctioneer Bond

South Carolina
Residential Registered Builder Bond
Instructional Materials Bond
Manufactured Home Contractor Bond
Manufactured Home Installer Bond
Modular Manufacturer Bond

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

West Virginia
Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

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