Contractors Plan Ahead for Bids and Builds

Contractors Plan Ahead for Bids and Builds

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Contractors are gearing up for the 2019 construction season. They are surveying the landscape; reviewing infrastructure plans and newly posted bid opportunities. Now is the time to consider bid bonds, months before groundbreaking takes place.

Construction Bid Bond Program

South Coast Surety offers an excellent bid bond program that’s an easy sell for insurance brokers. We have a comprehensive bid bond program designed to maximize a contractor’s ability to bid on projects throughout the year.  Contractors receive unlimited bid bonds and assistance from our contract bond representatives The program carries a $350 annual fee, commencing on the date of the first bid bond issuance.

“There’s a real value to this program,” explains Richard Ford of South Coast Surety. “The service our contract bond customers receive is specialized since each customer is unique. We take the time to explain the process, work through each step and meet every challenge,” he continued.   It is not uncommon for a contractor to bid on 7 to 10 projects each year making this program one of the most cost-effective tools available to construction professionals.

South Coast Surety has served thousands of contractors with all backgrounds, experience levels and financial situations.

“Some of these contractors have a long-standing work history and excellent credit while others may have some challenges ahead.” Richard explains.  “We have cases where we’ve helped contractors move from $100K lines to $500K lines and significantly larger. For first time bids, we explain the entire bonding process including purpose, different types of bonds and benefits of pursuing bonded work. Once a bid is awarded, we provide quick approval and low cost for performance and payment bonds.”

Insurance Agents – Now is the time to reach out to contractors to help them grow their business by bidding and winning bonded projects. Richard encourages, “Get contractors in the South Coast Surety bid program now to help them succeed in 2019.”

Contractors – Fill out our bid bond contact form and our contract bonding team will quickly reach out to help you grow your business in 2019.

Contact South Coast Surety for more information – Call 1-800-361-1720.

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