Commercial Bond Customers- Driven by the Calendar

Commercial Bond Customers- Driven by the Calendar

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Insurance Brokers: supplement your income by offering commercial surety bonds to your clients

Whether it is a new or existing business client, all agents rely on annual renewed policies for a steady stream of income. These clients all have renewal deadlines to meet, insurance, surety and licensing. By combining surety sales with insurance, you round out the portfolio while establishing a pattern of future renewal income for both products.  With South Coast Surety, once you make the initial sale, automatic renewals provide steady income without additional production.

Top Commercial Bonds Sold by SCS Insurance Brokers in 2018

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  • Contractor License Bonds
  • Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds
  • Insurance Broker License Bonds
  • Mortgage Broker License Bonds
  • Cannabis Industry Bonds
  • Freight Broker License Bonds

What are the most popular commercial surety bonds?

Sharon Cooney, SCS Commercial Bond Specialist, identifies the most often sold commercial surety bonds. Many professions need license and permit bonds like insurance brokers, general and subcontractors, and mortgage brokers.  Sharon explains, “One bond most in demand is the contractor’s license bond. We are also seeing more cannabis bonds recently. These bonds are required for cultivation, distribution and manufacturing.” California also has a great need for immigration consultant bonds.  Used motor vehicle dealers and freight brokers are also high-volume bonds. “Essentially, any job that has some type of regulatory oversight will require bonding,” She explains.

South Coast Surety provides more to its brokers and agents. Commission is paid on new and renewing bonds. The more you refer the more you earn. As you sell more surety through South Coast, we increase your commission rate.  Plus, broker commission is paid net, which means you get paid immediately!

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