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New Dentistry Medical Device Bond Required

Today we explain: Why all U.S. dentists providing medical devices to patients need a surety bond in 2019 How we can help you get bonded quickly at the best rates available. All medical professionals, including dentists, enjoyed an exemption to medical device sales regulation until now. Recently, the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services [...]

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Contractors Plan Ahead for Bids and Builds

Contractors are gearing up for the 2019 construction season. They are surveying the landscape; reviewing infrastructure plans and newly posted bid opportunities. Now is the time to consider bid bonds, months before groundbreaking takes place. South Coast Surety offers an excellent bid bond program that’s an easy sell for [...]

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Commercial Bond Customers- Driven by the Calendar

Insurance Brokers: supplement your income by offering commercial surety bonds to your clients Whether it is a new or existing business client, all agents rely on annual renewed policies for a steady stream of income. These clients all have renewal deadlines to meet, insurance, surety and licensing. By combining surety sales with insurance, you [...]

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